Alice Mcfield -- Shadowlords Best Trashtalker

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Alice Mcfield -- Shadowlords Best Trashtalker Empty Alice Mcfield -- Shadowlords Best Trashtalker

Post  Armstrong [DiE] on Tue Jan 13, 2009 10:50 am

Perhaps the most notorious trashtalker all times up with Ellis Dee and Elric. He was also a great guy who was extremly funny to have around.

I remember SL raiding COM, whole Shadowlord faction stands at the beginig of the COM bridge, half the screen is full with text saying "STAY" "WAIT". Alice Mcfield instantly charge the 20-30 defending coms alone and dies within miliseconds, he then start whine and SPAM UOAM-chat that com are the worst cheaters ever aswell as every other nasty word he manage to pick up while playing UO, his english was far from great Very Happy . He was like that, totally serious when he beleived COM cheated because he died when he solo charged them all by himself.

Heres a movie about one of the greatest uo celebs ever, made by Noxin [I-C].

This movie makes me laugh irl rofl

I especially like when he explain that when sigils are secured the TB cocksuckers doesnt show in fel and that they are all in Trammel West Bank.

when he had quit he told me and pande that now he liked: walk in nature als all days sex sex sex

Alice Mcfield -- Shadowlords Best Trashtalker Pbucket

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