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Read before you apply! Empty Read before you apply!

Post  Armstrong [DiE] on Tue May 12, 2009 6:26 pm

[DiE] Death-in-Excess [DiE] are against mass recruitment and therefore each applicant will go through a careful review.

Please post all your charater names, your age, homecountry and mmorpg history for a start. If we beleive you are a match we will then step up the review and ask for additional information,
This is all to be certain that we will not not make any misstakes when recruiting. Patience are needed but it will be worth it as DiE are a guild based on loyalty and friendship.

We will also contact your old guildleaders to question them on each and every applicant, and if needed be we will run a interwiev on teamspeak.

Now dont let this hold you back!

Feel welcome to post your applicataion!

Read before you apply! Pbucket

[DiE] Death-In-Excess [DiE]

Soldiers of HELL march into CHAOS
Armstrong [DiE]
Armstrong [DiE]

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